Pioneer announce XDJ-X10C Limited Edition Headphones

Meet the HDJ-X10C – Premium, limited-edition carbon fibre version of our flagship DJ headphones Pioneer have designed a premium version of their over-ear flagship DJ headphones to create the HDJ-X10C, which will be globally released in limited quantities from 17th January 2019. The new model features enhancements to the design of the popular HDJ-X10, which

A beginner’s mandate : The pursuit of beginning a DJ career

If you are reading this then you probably have at some point in time been thinking whether you want to learn how to be a DJ and/or a music producer. In 2018, a career in electronic music is certainly one that is not to be considered lightly especially when the Indian music industry is slated

Stunning new Pioneer PLX-1000S turntable with Sync & Pro DJ Link feature

This could very well be the biggest boon or fist-fight in the DJ community as Pioneer announces a new addition to their turntable series. The PLX-1000S, the unassumingly normal looking deck, but with a groundbreaking new technology that allows to turntables to be synced via Pioneer's proprietary pro DJ link feature.   How it works ?

Pioneer announces DDJ-1000, 4 channel club style layout rekordbox controller

Pioneer DDJ-1000 Pioneer has just announced a brand new rekordbox controller, aptly named the DJJ-1000 it inherits the mixer and deck's from the NXS2 series. Featuring high-definition LCD screens on the jog wheels displaying BPM, waveform and more; a new track selection assistant called Related Tracks; 14 Beat FX; an improved Magvel-Fader; and 16 multi-coloured Performance

8 stores for crate diggers to order from for all your vinyl needs

The comeback of the vinyl industry specific to electronic music or otherwise is definitely a welcome breath of fresh air for a music sales sector that was reaching a familiar point of saturation. The ease of availability of digital music has damped the feeling of mystery and novelty that usually accompanied the collection of music

29 Indispensable tips for an enduring DJ career

Everyone knows someone that is a DJ today, and the population is just growing. So, survival is of the essence in this industry. DJs today have to do a lot more than just focus on music to stay ahead in this zippyshare generation's DJ rat race. I've put together these these tips that have hugely

Crates : The Essential Free Upgrade For Your Beatport Account

  Crates, developed by San Francisco based DJ’s, producers and developers, Mark Slee and Jason Wohlstadter,  is the best new way to organise your Beatport purchases. Using Beatports own API and tweaking bugs along the way crates is considerably faster in terms of loading up tracks and content than Beatport. It does this by neglecting

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