Information Exchange with Stella Gelesh

I first came across Stella's work on the incredibly cool releases on Steyoyoke  and Crossfrontiner Audio  was ever curious to discover who was responsible for these creations. When I finally only discovered it was Stella Gelesh, I hunted her down from Instagram to get hold of her cosmic self for an Information Exchange section. This is

Information Exchange with Amotik

  Shrouded in mystery but with a defined purpose, Amotik's unstoppable rise among the techno hierarchy is not a blip. Once, could describe him as an artist who is humble and fortnight about his work and the music he puts out. In a way, his secrecy could be interpreted as an effort to let his music

Information Exchange with Recondite

In the twenty minutes I spoke to Lorenz Brunner, I was swept away into his charismatic and cerebral approach to making music. Yet so soft spoken and de void of any ego commonly found in globe trotting colleagues. He answered my first question with almost a ten minute long monologue that was full of rich

Interview with Tatsama, the timbre of Karthik Sivasankar

Karthik Sivasankar better known by his artist alias Tatsama has had releases on legendary labels like Juicebox Music, Suffused Music, Soul Deep Inc Records, Perception Music, Deep Nota Records, SLiCK Records, 808 Recrodings, Plus Plus Records, Crossworld Academy, Crossworlder Music, Oh So Coy Recordings, Purple Sun Records, MidWest Hustle. HIs sounds border around deep and

Avinash Kumar (Quicksand Studio) on art, philosophy and development of video game ‘Antriksha Sanchar’

Avinash Kumar is a design strategist, researcher, artist, entrepreneur, and visual jockey with a natural inclination to build entrepreneurial projects in the arts and design department. Avinash has anchored the design studio and arts collective Quicksand for over one and a half decades. Apart from his dynamic and awe inspiring design work, Avinash is also