Beat & Greet : Mattia Pompeo

Beat & Greet is a quick set of questions revolving around some of our favourite artist's music and lives. For the first edition we're chuffed to have Italy based Mattia Pompeo. He also toured India in 2017, and expected to be back in 2018.  Mattia was born in Italy, in a little village between Rome and Naples.

VCV and Mutable Instruments collaborate for a bright eurorack future

Andrew Belt, founder of VCV announced a collaboration with Mutable Instruments creator Olivier Gillet to let you preview new hardware synth modules as software within the VCV rack software platform. For the ones that are new to VCV, it's  a free, multi-platform software modular. It’s available for Linux, Mac & Windows and offers a powerful Eurorack-style virtual modular synthesizer platform. Mutable Instruments is

Information Exchange with Danny Howells

The modern-day electronic music industry is fast-paced with trends, genres, and styles sweeping in and out of fashion and favor every few years. To stay relevant and on the top of your game for extended periods of time is extremely tough considering the cut-throat competition that exists between DJs and artists for gigs around the world.

The 14 species of 21st century electronic music producers

Electronic music is certainly the most vaunted genre in the cross-hairs of both newbie and established music producers these days, as well as everyone else in-between. Here's our light-hearted listicle of the 14 ( that we could think of ) different types of electronic music composers who exist in the world today to make our