VCV and Mutable Instruments collaborate for a bright eurorack future

Andrew Belt, founder of VCV announced a collaboration with Mutable Instruments creator Olivier Gillet to let you preview new hardware synth modules as software within the VCV rack software platform. For the ones that are new to VCV, it's  a free, multi-platform software modular. It’s available for Linux, Mac & Windows and offers a powerful Eurorack-style virtual modular synthesizer platform. Mutable Instruments is

“Needs” UK based not-for-profit electronic music label launches it’s India arm in collaboration with Wavlngth

Throughout the fabric of history, music has always been an influential force for social change and has served as an important channel for advocating the importance of issues such as freedom of speech, expression, and resistance. It is based on these ideals that UK-based record 'Needs not-for-profit' was founded by 20/20 vision recording's label manager and

New music platform Orfium set to rise above the stormy clouds

In the words of Chris Mohoney the founder of Orfium: "Orfium is an open social music platform for hosting, listening, sharing, selling, and licensing music and it is built on a back-end system for rights management. Our mission is to provide an open, elegant, and flexible music platform that puts artists and rights holders in

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