VCV and Mutable Instruments collaborate for a bright eurorack future

Andrew Belt, founder of VCV announced a collaboration with Mutable Instruments creator Olivier Gillet to let you preview new hardware synth modules as software within the VCV rack software platform. For the ones that are new to VCV, it's  a free, multi-platform software modular. It’s available for Linux, Mac & Windows and offers a powerful Eurorack-style virtual modular synthesizer platform. Mutable Instruments is

“Needs” UK based not-for-profit electronic music label launches it’s India arm in collaboration with Wavlngth

Throughout the fabric of history, music has always been an influential force for social change and has served as an important channel for advocating the importance of issues such as freedom of speech, expression, and resistance. It is based on these ideals that UK-based record 'Needs not-for-profit' was founded by 20/20 vision recording's label manager and

Information Exchange with Amotik

  Shrouded in mystery but with a defined purpose, Amotik's unstoppable rise among the techno hierarchy is not a blip. Once, could describe him as an artist who is humble and fortnight about his work and the music he puts out. In a way, his secrecy could be interpreted as an effort to let his music

Far-Out with SHFT + Raisa

Far-out brings you the eccentric sides of our and your favorite artists. For the first edition we have SHFT (Qilla records) and his liaison RAISA. We invite artists to play music that they yearn to but rarely get to showcase along with their insight into the making of this mix. ...

Lead In : A guide to understanding and discovering Techno

Our latest segment ‘Lead In: A guide to understanding and discovering techno'  intends to explore and describe the vibrant facets of both, the dominant and the upcoming sub-genres of electronic music as well as influential artists who have contributed to the evolution of that particular style. For the uninitiated,  the electronic music multiverse is a vast,

Information Exchange with Recondite

In the twenty minutes I spoke to Lorenz Brunner, I was swept away into his charismatic and cerebral approach to making music. Yet so soft spoken and de void of any ego commonly found in globe trotting colleagues. He answered my first question with almost a ten minute long monologue that was full of rich