Here’s a common template that has been floating around for years now-You should be able to find it using the keywords “A well spoken articulate professional DJ”

This is just about the perfect example of how a bio shouldn’t look or read-

“A well spoken, articulate and Professional DJ with a clear voice, excellent communication skills and a good sense of timing and musical co-ordination.

With over 11 years experience of working in clubs, bars, promotional events and as a mobile DJ. Able to work well under pressure and interact well with clients and audiences.

Love to work with new people and always look to gain new experiences that will make best use of my existing skills and also further my development.

Key Skills & Competencies

  • Smart fashionable appearance
  • Friendly and outgoing personality
  • Punctual and professional
  • Extensive knowledge of a wide variety of genres
  • Confident using a microphone
  • Able to mix a a number of genres including a mixture of House, Disco, Garage, RnB & Hip Hop.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of DJ software, equipment including lighting, microphones, speakers, amps and decks.
  • Possessing a collection of the latest and most popular music
  • A keen personal interest in music”

Notice the repetition of words in the first paragraph, well spoken; articulate, clear voice (Highly irrelevant), and excellent communication skills, all convey the same message. They are also listed as a set of skills, which is unnecessary. A good sense of timing and musical coordination are obviously expected, there’s no real point listing the same.

It might be helpful to list a few of the events/gigs in more specific detail. Like started his career at “x”, played at “y” and then moved to “Z”. Again being able to work well under pressure and interact well with clients and audiences is stating the obvious for no apparent reason. The third paragraph again in its entirety is irrelevant.

Listing your key skills and competencies, with a heading and in a bullet point format is just about the worst way you could do the same.

Here’s what could actually be used from the bio above in a rational manner-

“With a keen and personal interest in music from an early age, DJ Zee started his carrier in 1983 with a residency in “T”(*insert town here*) , moving up the ranks cutting his teeth with various residencies at influential clubs such as “S” (*insert city*).  His sets and productions effortlessly mix through varying styles of House, Disco, Garage, RnB & Hip Hop, adding his own signature style to each set which has the audience actively captivated and always on their toes. Highly respected by his peers for his professional outlook and persistent attitude.

Apart from his persuasive residencies, he has also played sets at various other influential clubs including “W”, “X”, “Y” and “Z”. his flexibility has brought him positive acclaim from both artists and the crowd. His true skill lies in reading  the crowd and giving them exactly what they want.”

If you find yourself with a lack of information to write a fulfilling bio, you’re probably asking yourself the wrong questions. You could also use the help of a friend to ask you general questions about how you got started out and where the journey has taken you so far.At the end of it, it’s all about incorporating a part of your own character and personality into it. It also helps to try and enjoy the process of writing the bio by thinking of it as a part and parcel of the art form in its entirety.