10 Essential Applications For Audiophiles

Assuming most musicians and producers tend to buy a Mac for their professional use, I've complied a list of applications that can take away your stress arising from the maintenance of your computer. A studio computer usually needs this kind of maintenance from time to time, and a lot of audio aficionados and DJs will find some of these tools very useful to organise and edit their collections, while some other apps bring very powerful features that the OS might be missing. Without being biased towards windows users, there's a few that work on both the platforms in this list. If you have any recommendations, please leave them in the comments below.

Implications of Sampling Music From The Perspective of a Lawyer

The following article seeks to analyse the legality of sampling through a case law analysis, deciphering the various issues involved and the principles applied by the courts. Can classic works which are now in the public domain be sampled? If a contemporary producer were to take the works of Vivaldi, (western music composer who passed in the year of 1741) and merge them with his own drum programming, vocal chops, soft synth arpeggios and call the same his own work, would this be legal?