Asking a DJ to pick just one track that is their absolute favourite for the year, can be quite the backbreaker with the vast amount of good musical choices that are floating around. We asked some of our favourite selectors to do just that, and here are the results (in order of their responses).


Johannes Brecht & Christian Prommer – Voix Grave (Johannes Brecht Version) [Diynamic]

2. Kohra

Recondite – Murphy’s Law  [Afterlife Records]


Victor Ruiz – Soul Seek (Original Mix) [Sprout]

4. Between Us

Interelektrika – Harmonics (Iorie Remix) [LikeBirdz Records]

5. Twokid Wickid

DJ Metatron – State of Me

6. Deep Brown

Midland – Final Credits

7. Meraki Vibes

Sami Wentz – Nobody Knows

8. 8-Bit Culprit

Rodriguez Jr. – 2 Miles Away [mobilee]

9. Murthovic

The Invisible – Life’s Dancers (Floating Points Remix)

10. Shash & Chaz

Technophile, Rolbac feat. Lucien Asmar – Shamash [Fantome de Nuit]

11. Varun Fernandez

Audio Units – Point of Departure [Occultech Records]

12. Qwiver / Blurry Slur

Jordan Rakei – Midnight Mischief (Tom Misch Remix)

13. Tasnneem

iorie – Fool (Lukas Endhardt Remix)

14. Shreyas_

D-Nox & Beckers – Orient Express (Original Mix)

15. Bullzeye

Booka Shade – In White Rooms (Hunter/Game Remix) [Blaufield]

16. Jitter

Kohra, SHFT – Sphera [Qilla Records]

17. Gokul

Youandewan – Waiting For L [AUS Music]

18. Praveen Achary

Third Son ft Haptic – Climb To The Sun (Original Mix) [microCastle]

19. Ankytrixx

20. A Bit of Both (Ash Roy / Ashvin Mani Sharma)

A Bit Of Both – Round & Round [Soupherb Records]

21. Priyanjana

Adriatique – Patterns of Eternity [Siamese]

22. Aardy

Fango – Vena Cava [Viscera]

23. Arjun Vagale

Arjun Vagale – Future [Quartz]