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  • Essential Watch: BTS Documentaries about the Music Scene

    Essential Watch: BTS Documentaries about the Music Scene

    Ever wondered what the music scene looked like behind the curtains? Well here’s a bunch of documentaries and feature shows that dig deep into the scene and beyond. All of the below films are completely unfiltered and raw, enlightening you with a whole new arsenal of insight into the workings of the music scene and […]

  • Information Exchange with Ben Rama

    Information Exchange with Ben Rama

    We’re back with another Information Exchange, this time we go across the globe to chat with a veteran Psychedelic and Progressive Techno Producer/DJ. Ben Rama is an electronic music producer from the east coast of Canada. Since his debut in 2010, Ben has been steadily garnering a reputation as a world-class producer, remixer and live […]

  • Needles in a Haystack with Exium

    Needles in a Haystack with Exium

    Needles in a Haystack is a favourite section of ours, not only because we discover what influences our favourite artists, but also helps us in discovering music we may have never come across.  Originating as DJ’s in 1994,  producers and performing artists, Valentín Corujo and Héctor Sandoval’s stable and lasting union make the unique legendary […]

  • Information Exchange with Desroi

    Information Exchange with Desroi

    Each artist has a special story to tell about their musicianship. Techno producer Desroi, who in everyday life goes under the name Frederic Lindemann, has a relatively no-nonsense one. Observing from the outside, his production process seems to be one of tight structure and focus, holding a great modernistic vision. He studied Composition at Folkwang […]

  • Beat & Greet with Anirudh

    Beat & Greet with Anirudh

    We had the infamous Shreyas give us a little more insight into his life and processes in the last Beat & Greet. As we continue to explore our talented roster, it’s time to bring to you another rising talented producer and versatile DJ, Anirudh. From a formal education in Chennai, aspiring to be an engineer, […]

  • Needles in a Haystack with Nikhai Jaysen

    Needles in a Haystack with Nikhai Jaysen

    It’s been a while since we’ve done a ‘Needles in a Haystack’ on our blog, our last edition had the production wizard Jay Pei showcasing the different range of sounds that he plays as well as listens to. For this edition, we bring to you a Beatworx Alumnus, and an artist who is part of […]

  • Beat & Greet with Shreyas_

    Beat & Greet with Shreyas_

    Our last edition was with Anejath, and for this week we bring to you a key member of both Beatworx and Afterworx. Shreyas_ begun his career in early 2011 in Bangalore (India), with over half a decade of experience behind him, his undying passion for music resonates through his DJ sets which string together hypnotic, […]

  • Beat & Greet with Seventh Sea

    Beat & Greet with Seventh Sea

    After a very refreshing conversation with New Delhi based producer/ DJ Vridian, we bring Beat & Greet back to our home city. Seventh Sea aka Sagar Bhagat is a talented DJ and a Producer hailing from Bangalore, and just recently joined our team at Afterworx. He has spent years exploring different palettes of sound, resulting […]

  • Beat & Greet with Vridian

    Beat & Greet with Vridian

    Beat & Greet’, is a way for our audience to discover artists, hear a bit of their music and get to know a bit more about them on a personal level. Our last edition featured Aman Anand, a top-class DJ, and producer as well as a Beatworx Alumni based out of Singapore. For this edition, […]

  • Beat & Greet with Aman Anand

    Beat & Greet with Aman Anand

    We’re back for another Beat & Greet, our last edition had the top-class Brazilian Producer/DJ, Dub Recycle, who let us into his way of thinking and what drives him. This time we catch up with an Electronic Music Producer/DJ as well as Beatworx Alumnus from Bangalore, Aman Anand, currently living in Singapore with releases on […]