Crates, developed by San Francisco based DJ’s, producers and developers, Mark Slee and Jason Wohlstadter,  is the best new way to organise your Beatport purchases. Using Beatports own API and tweaking bugs along the way crates is considerably faster in terms of loading up tracks and content than Beatport. It does this by neglecting the amount of overall images and instead focuses on showing you a list of music in an organised table.

Top Features

  1. Grey Out Re-releases
  2. YouTube Embedded
  3. Mark Previously Heard Tracks
  4. Create custom lists to follow artists and labels

Grey Out Re-releases

Some of the more efficient changes lie in their advanced features of having the option to automatically grey out all re-releases by the labels you’re following. This means each time a label has a new compilation out with tracks that have already been listed or heard by you before, you don’t waste time hearing each one all over again. You can enable this handy feature by simply clicking the hide re-release check box on the top right corner of the feed.

Embedded YouTube Search

Another extremely handy feature is the ability to have a full length Youtube search of each track, this is particularly helpful for not having to go back and forth time and again to demo the track in its entirety and to know if the same has a suitable structure in accordance with your mixing style. To activate this feature all you have to do is press the “f” key whilst previewing a track and the page will not only display a full length embedded Youtube version of the track but also display a full length Beatport waveform of the same.

Mark Previously Heard Tracks

The site also puts a checkmark on every track you have previously previewed, this applies even after you’ve closed and reopened the page. Crates also provides a custom feed displaying the latest releases from the artists and labels you’re following right at the top of the list. You can also share these custom crates with others.