We were at the legendary PALM Expo in Mumbai, that has been happening for over a decade now. It’s a massive gathering of everyone from the audio domain, right from the sound vendors to CEO’s of the biggest brands including gear demos, workshops, massive stalls, spread over 27,000 square metres! Here’s some of our favourite gear and stalls from this year’s edition.


The Inventory

This Chennai based company probably found the highest number of broken jaws that were dropped at the stall, what do you expect when you have so much goodness in less than 100sqft. of space.

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Our Favourites

Modular Analog

With a strong emphasis on the Make In India campaign, these guys are super bold to be doing what they are, bringing modular culture into India. Their racks are super affordable, and they even asked us to fill a form, that invites us to go over to their studio and make a recording that one can bring back on the modular rig. We can’t wait to do just that very soon

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Our Favourites

Pioneer DJ

With Pioneer DJ entering the Indian market officially, strides have been made towards awareness for DJs. Skip, Mash and Tuhin, the forerunners for the brand were found conducting very useful workshops, along with their entire range of products on display.

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Our Favourites

Denon DJ

Denon have made a huge comeback with some brand new state of the art gear, with features that are usually on mostly on wish-lists. Their new players can play two tracks off the same deck, while also providing key and file analysis on the player itself. The new mixer and all in one player look quite rugged too.

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Our Favourites


If you’re looking to build a studio, home theatre, auditorium or just any other acoustically treated space, these are the go-to guys in the country. Their products speak of great expertise, finesse and value for money. They had their full range of absorbers, traps, diffusers and fusion products on display.

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Our Favourites

Void Acoustics

Known for the aesthetically pleasing speakers that deliver amazing sound, their entire Air and Incubus systems were on display. These Installation speakers are one of the best in the industry.

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Our Favourites



It was very interesting to see, and here their much anticipated Deepmind 12, which is essentially a Roland Juno clone. It did sound very good, although the price point seemed a bit off, almost twice the US price.

Behringer’s DeepMind 12 in all it’s glory.


Big ups to the team behind putting together this wonderful expo. It was very well managed, and indeed a privilege to be have been invited as speakers for a DJ panel discussing Hybrid DJ’ing with Rupesh Pant (Skip)and Tanseer Jabbar moderated by Varun Desai (5Volts),