We pick up where we left off from our debut edition featuring 
DJ Hamza, as we continue to prod your favourite electronic music artists to wade through their music repositories to bring us tracks earmarked for situations that are just a bit unusual.

We periscope into FILM aka Sanil Sudan’s (Qilla Records) record bag this week as we explore aural possibilities through his neural pathways. A well-known figure in the Indian electronic circuit, Sanil’s current prodigious rise is the fruit of years of hard-work and dedication. He is only one of a few artists to be selected for Border Movement’s artist residency series in Berlin this year and also featured at the Incredible Magnetic Fields music festival last year.

The track that is your dance-floor weapon

Solid bottom end but light and fluffy on top, precisely how I like my music! Have been dropping this way too often, absolutely love this tune!

The track that grew onto you

I used to treat this as an afterparty jam . The real power of this tune was unleashed upon me when i saw Dj Koze drop this at Magnetic Fields/peaktime slot. Genius!

 The track you would play to show-off your diversity

Absolutely obsessed with 70’s Afro-beat & funk at the moment, have sampled this beat below recently to make a track



 The track you wish you had never played

Oh man, there is this Lindstrom & Prins Thomas Remix of London Grammar – Big Picture which i thought was a dub mix with bare minimum vocals, turns out it was not!  What followed was a painful 5 minutes of Hannah Reid crooning over a disco beat in a dark room full of puzzled people. 
Deleted from my rekordbox right after.   

The track that you would play to your pet

I don’t have a pet yet, but I guess this should work

That track you love closing your sets with

Keeps changing every once in a while, but more recently this one. Also turned out that Drake sampled this track!

The track you want to be played at your funeral


As cliched as it gets

The track that inspired you at a critical point in your life


This track is responsible for me downloading a copy of Fruity Loops and get cracking on replicating everything . Eventually after many many years I finally recreated a BT tune
But yes had i not heard Mercury & Solace , things would have been very different!

The track you played that emptied the dance floor

I have a really really bad habit of fucking myself up for making the job a bit more challenging, just for the kicks i like to drop this at peak time and hold on a bit to bring everything back. Certified shocker, unless you are in a room full of AFX heads.

The track that you wished you produced?

Anything by Paul Woolford, the one below hands down

 A track thats an all time classic to you