When we announced our DJ/Producer contest a couple months ago as a part of our 5th anniversary celebration, the submissions were so overwhelming that we needed a month more than we anticipated to go through each and every submission, meticulously listening to each, while having it evaluated not only by our staff and faculty but also having many other accomplished producers hear it for the most unbiased answer. However, the most important criteria were :


  1. Producers that have not yet released or have got any form of recognition.
  2. Producers that would largely benefit from winning a free course that we’re offering
  3. Producers whom we can mentor to create a platform for

Although we’ve received great entries, some of them violated the basic rules of the format for naming the file and making it publicly available via soundcloud and not a dropbox or wetransfer link that’s private.

1. Winner : Aniket aka Locate (Goa, India)

This mesmerizing piece of deep house / melodic techno caught our ears repeatedly from Locate, and we’re glad to have honed in and discovered Aniket Nipane from Goa.

Prize :

1. EMP courses of choice

2. Mentoring for an official release on a music label

3. Tutorial Videos

4. Beatworx Goodie Bag

2. Runner Up : Neeraj Sharma (Hyderabad, India)

Hyderabad based Neeraj Sharma‘s ambient jam fuses subtle musicality with encompassing drones to create a surreal mood. This piece stood out from the lot for it’s sheer simplicity and potential we see to nurture Neeraj’s musical ambitions to fruition.

Prize :

1. 50% off on EMP course of choice

2. Mentoring for an official release on a music label

3. Tutorial Videos

4. Beatworx Goodie Bag

3. Finalists (In no particular order)

Great job from these guys that made it amongst the hundred’s of entries, something in store for you guys as well!


Fantastic work ezzyland, this is absolutely fresh, pristine and so well produced. You already seem to have a great career just about starting for you and we’re here to help him make it sweeter in any way we can!


R-YA is completely self taught who started with FL Studio and was later introduced and mentored by Abhi Maisekhar on Ableton Live. He says he learnt a lot from our free online tutorials as well, and it makes us proud of you to have submitted such excellent work so early on in your career.

DJ Tabby

Kolkatta based Tabby, tells us his started modestly playing Bollywood 5 years ago, and it totally self taught. It impressive for us to see him build a great taste and get this far on his own.


Marrying funky rhythmic grooves with great production skills, subspace’s music stands out, with a slew of releases already in the line, we look forward to hearing more of his stuff and being able to help him in any way we can to further his interests.

Pattern Freak

Great job there from Bangalore based Prateek aka Pattern Freak, who is also a singer. It’s evident from his musical ideas here, and well well done for someone that’s self taught again.

Ashutosh Purohit

Full points to Ashutosh who finished this track on a trial version of Ableton Live in just 15 days while juggling between work.  He sure has a promising career with a bit of guidance and help.


Vivek Radhakrishnan has created a niche for himself with a few early releases, blending multiple genres very nicely, this is a great piece of work and we really look forward to hearing more from this talent.


Himanshu Harsh from Kolkata has taken a fantastic dig at making electronica and he’s barely just 20 years old.

Frank Synister

This very well designed bass track shows FrankSynister’s evolved sound crafting abilities, a habitant of Shillong, this is really cool.


STS-10 from Bangalore has a whole album of dope rap, hip-hop and trap beats. With a great knack for producing cool hooks, this lad is on the right path.

Prize :

All the finalists are eligible for the below remuneration

1. 25% off on EMP course of choice

2. Free workshop + career mentorning

3. Tutorial Videos

4. Beatworx Goodie Bag

 If you want to find out more about our producer courses, visit our website or get in touch with our course advisors on +918041122031 / +917899763161