After scouring through the depths of Arjun Vagale’s electronic vaults in the last edition , we continue to prod your favorite electronic music artists to wade through their music repositories to bring us tracks earmarked for situations that are just a bit unusual.

Needles in a Haystack with Sound Avtar
Sound Avtar ( PC : Sunburn Festival )

Our undercover aural agents have stealthily gained access to the the much sought after sonic den of Sound Avtar AKA Piyush Bhatnagar. This Bass-music baron has been on top of the supersonic surge of the electronic music scene in India since it began and has never looked back since.

Sound Avtar was voted as the best Drum & Bass / DubStep / Bass music producer in India twice from 2012 to 2014.  His mastery over his craft also saw him being drafted to remix a track from the infamous bollywood movie “Gangs of Wasseypur 2” .

The track that is your dance-floor weapon


The track that grew onto you

The track you would play to show-off your diversity

The track you wish you had never played



The track that you would play to your pet

That track you love closing your sets with

The track you want to be played at your funeral

The track that inspired you at a critical point in your life

The Track you played that emptied the dance floor

I love this one from the masters NOISIA but at this one gig i played last year, it scared people off!

The track that you wished you produced?


 A track that’s an all time classic to you