Far-out brings you the eccentric sides of our and your favorite artists. For the first edition we have SHFT (Qilla records) and his liaison RAISA. We invite artists to play music that they yearn to but rarely get to showcase along with their insight into the making of this mix.

Here’s what SHFT & Raisa had to say about the mix

Welcome to the space where diverse tastes and personalities meet. The space where antithetically becomes mutual. A lot like the perfect intersection in the venn diagram of an ideal universal set.


We wanted to make something tangible, something that has kept us together in beautiful harmony despite our chalk and cheese personalities. So together we chose some of our favourite artists, favourite music and blended it together to create a piece that we both love.


The sole idea is to take you through an intensively melodic journey that surpasses genres, styles and brackets. Music that fuels the mind and touches the soul. Music that can be the perfect accompaniment to a late evening read or a personal introspection session.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we loved collating it!

About SHFT

A sound that defines SHFT would be best described as boundless, clean and effervescent. He’s been an integral part of the underground music community in India and has always kept his head down and kept all his focus on the ‘music’.Having played at countless clubs and festivals over the last decade, his knowledge has evolved into a now risk-taking, bold and sincere artist, both behind the decks and in the studio. His music has been published on reputed labels like Parquet, Traum, Perspectives Digital, Tulipa, InMinimax and on Qilla Records for which he also works as an A&R. Many in the international scene have been supporting his tracks in recent times

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