Beat & Greet is a quick set of questions revolving around some of our favourite artist’s music and lives. For the first edition we’re chuffed to have Italy based Mattia Pompeo. He also toured India in 2017, and expected to be back in 2018. 

Mattia was born in Italy, in a little village between Rome and Naples. For many years, he was in contact with Classical music, Blues and Rock and thanks to this exposure he learned to play the guitar and the bass.


This led him to discover electronic music, which he found to be made of energy and great sounds! So, he began to expands his DJ culture with Electronic, Deep and futuristic sounds.

Hi Mattia, What does a typical day’s schedule look like ?

Well, it depends on the day but I usually wake up and go out for a morning walk with my dog and best friend Mr. Wilson. Then I go to the studio and work all day in music!I try to do a lot of activities and stay busy all day, I don’t like to stay off (well sometimes of course hahaha) but specially enjoy being with my friends and of course my dog

Have you ever done anything other than music in the past ?

In the past I trained for many years on Artistic Gymnastic, football and athletics and many other sports but of course the music was with me since I was a child.

What is your DJ setup ?

Allen & Heath Xone 92 and 2x Pioneer CDJ2000 NXS2

Your favourite track from your discography :

Right now ‘Circle’, I’ve just released it on Sincopat with an amazing remix of AFFKT.

Complete this : When I make music I feel

“I feel free and comfortable.”

Describe your music using not more than 3 words

“Just my music.”

Three of your favourite plugins or gear

Dave Smith Pro2, Moog sub 37 and TR8S. As a plugin Reaktor from Native Instruments, Diva and all Arturia collections plugins.

What do you imagine electronic music would sound like in 2050 ?

I don’t know and to be honest I don’t think about the future, I like to live in the present but anyway would be great to know that!!

What’s in the pipeline ?

A few months ago I released two EPs very important for me, The first one with my family Sincopat, including an incredible remix by my big brother Affkt. The second one on Mo’s Ferry Productions, label of the great German artist Dapayk. I’ve just released a collaboration with Acumen for his new album on Time Has Change, too. New other music is coming as well but I can’t give info yet

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