Far-out brings you the eccentric sides of our and your favorite artists. For the first edition we had SHFT (Qilla records) and his liaison RAISA.

We invite artists to play music that they yearn to but rarely get to showcase along with their insight into the making of this mix.

The second edition comes from an Indian techno veteran who prefers to cloud this new moniker in mystery. Listen to the music, and maybe make a guess ?

Here’s what A\S\O\M had to say about the mix

The world of Electronica and Leftfield has always been a passion. The tones, the way the track is built and the euphoria it has, is genius. The idea of this mix is that you can drop it no matter what you doing, it has a bit of everything in it. Melodies, dark synths, vocals, off beat harmonies. Just press play and enjoy.

About A/S/O/M

The artist behind this project has no social media or any other information at this moment, solely making you focus on the music.