SoundGym is a technological, personalized and gamified audio learning environment that combines curated learning programs, practical audio ear training, and a supportive community, It offers a comprehensive solution for anyone who wants to learn music production and improve audio skills.

The environment is friendly, competitive, personalized and full of surprises, it is a playground for the sound enthusiast. SoundGym knows that fun and effectiveness work together best, and when you enjoy your time you learn better.

The main belief is that our ears, our listening skills, and our knowledge come first.

They launched in May 2016 and are growing fast. SoundGym is now used in more than 200 countries by sound experts, bedroom producers, and educational facilities.

By making informed production and mixing decisions, and having an effective learning experience with measurable results, SoundGym Pro can make you a better producer way sooner than you think.




The games help you hone your skills on Equalization, Dynamics, Quality, Space & Time. 

EQ Knight – Equalization 

With, EQ Knight, you choose between two sounds and find the audio source that reflects the EQ setting that is presented to you.


Balance Memory – Dynamics

With the Balance Memory game, you will have to memorize the balance of the multi-track sound presented and set the balance accurately.

Peak Master – Equalization

A peaking (Bell) EQ filter is being used to boost a certain frequency range, and you will have to find the boosted frequency by using the EQ on/off buttons to compare the equalized and unequalized sounds. This trains your ears to identify how different frequencies sound like and get a better sense of how to use an EQ.

Dr. Compressor – Dynamics

You are presented with two sounds and one of them is more compressed than the other with the attack & release very short for easier recognition. You are supposed to find which sound is more compressed. Check out how exactly it works in the video below.

DB King – Dynamics

By using the ‘Original/After Gain’ buttons to compare the original and the sound after the amplitude change, select the right amplitude change in DB!

Filter Expert – Equalization

When an audio source will be played through a certain EQ filter setting you will have to select the right EQ setting using the EQ on/off buttons to compare the equalized and unequalized sounds.

PanMan – Space and Time

A sound source will be played at a certain location across the stereo field. Choose the right panning setting for it!

Kit Cut – Equalization

A peaking (Bell) EQ filter is being used with negative gain values, to cut a certain frequency range and you will have to find the attenuated frequency.

EQ Cheetah – Equalization

Time is of the essence with EQ Cheetah. A peaking (Bell) EQ filter is being used to boost a certain frequency range. You’ve got 60 seconds to answer as many correct answers as you can. Find the boosted frequency!

Delay Control – Space & Time

Choose the right delay time in milliseconds! Estimate the gap between the original and the delayed signal.

Distorted Reality – Quality

You are presented with two sounds. One of them is more distorted than the other. Which sound is more distorted?

Reverb Wizard – Space & Time 

You are presented with three sounds. One of them has different reverb settings than others. You have to pick which sound is different.

Beat Games

SoundGym has introduced some relatively new Beat Games as well


Recreate beats on a clock with ReBeater!


Estimate the right tempo with Metronomer!

Swing Beat

With Swing Beat, you identify the value of swing that is applied.

BeatRace – Online Drum Machine – Beat Making Training & Races

Beat Race is an online beat-making training environment that will help music-makers challenge, train and improve their beat-making skills.

BeatRace lets you to create beats online with friends, take a daily workout and play challenging beat-making games. It also presents hourly beat-making competitions where you can prove your talent and win prizes.

Get daily beat-making workouts:
BeatRace offers a daily workout that will help you train and improve your beat-making skills. The workout includes challenging beat games: recreate a drum pattern from scratch, identify BPM and swing values, pass levels, compare scores with others and keep motivated.

Win hourly beat-making races:
BeatRace offers hourly real-time beat-making matches. Reconstruct beats as fast as you can; the fastest competitor wins the race. Weekly leaders will get two special prizes: Regroover and Beatformer cutting-edge beat-making plugins by Accusonus.

Create and share beats online:
Use BeatRace online drum machine to create and share drum sequences, load, save and download your grooves. 11 classic drum machine kits are included.

SoundGym was made so soundheads like you can have a place to meet, train, learn, improve skills and chat about music-making, audio engineering, and live sound.

Their mission is to help you make great-sounding music. You get the right tools to level up and help you learn all you need to know to become a better producer and engineer.



Track your daily workouts, your rank, points, Soundcoins and a lot more in SoundGym’s friendly and interactive community.


Anyone can get the opportunity to learn audio and music production, improve crucial skills and make better music. SoundGym has a free education program that was curated from free content by sound experts and educators.


Check how you compare to others, your training history, insights, statistics and progress.


The regular SoundGym limits you to just 3 types of games, whereas SoundGym Pro gives you unlimited access to 12+ audio & beat training games as well.


SoundGym Pro gives you access to new, trending and must watch videos to expand your knowledge.


After meeting the conditions required, you gain a SoundGym Certification.


SoundGym will train your ears to detect subtle sound nuances, enhance your listening resolution, and help you get better-sounding mixes.

By playing fun sound games, you will enhance crucial listening skills like frequency detection, compression, coloration, gain difference detection, spatial impression and much more.

Each game is focused on improving a specific skill, delivering a comprehensive and effective learning experience with results that you can measure.

By making more informed production and mixing decisions, and having an effective learning experience with measurable results, SoundGym Pro is the ear training every producer needs.