Taste is a very fundamental trait for artists, in fact far more important than technicality. It’s a slow burner that develops over the years and cannot be rushed in. When you’re creating something, it’s most often your taste that leads the way for your creative decisions. So, here are a few tips on developing those grey cells. ⁣Regardless of your experience, there’s always something you may know or have discovered, share that with us in the comments section.

Is my taste good enough?

Taste is a lot like personality, mostly shaped by your exposure, experience, surroundings, and knowledge. The first step in improving your taste is to acknowledge that it may be best to open yourself up to new or unfamiliar territories.

Start with the history

How would you know if something you’ve heard today is actually ‘a new thing’ if you didn’t know that someone made this 20 years ago? So, when you discover something you like, study it like a subject about its origins, influences, creators and you’ll discover a lot more along the way to fortify your knowledge.

Learn basic music theory

Understanding what notes are, which scales and chords resonate with you is an impeccable tool. After all, music is a language that is understood by all, but in order to have a command over it, you need to be able to speak it a little bit at least to understand how those notes translate to moods or feelings.

Listen to everything

Yes, really! Each genre of music has a certain aesthetic to it that creates the crux of that style. It’s very important to know how that particular style of music creates an experience for the listener, even if it’s not your cup of tea. This will help you easily identify the influences and amalgamation of other styles.

The Golden Age

Scientific studies have shown that the development of musical taste starts around the age of 14 and peaks at 24. But that does not mean you’re too young or old to improve. In fact, we live in a golden age where it’s the easiest to find any music you want to listen to without spending a buck! so what’s holding you back?

Describe the music

Describing a piece of music by writing about it is fun and informative. Is that bass line is warm? Did you know that kind of sound is called a sequence? Well, if you’re not able to write easily, start by reading some legit music reviews while you listen to it, see if the words resonate with what you’re hearing.

Classify your collection

This is a great exercise to organize your collection based on parameters like mood, setting, release date, labels, artwork and whatever other meta-data, in this process you will discover intricate details and even hear tracks from EP’s and albums that you may have missed out on to expand your repertoire. 

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