I”m going to be breaking down my track ‘Placid’ that I’ve been working for some time now and uploaded to SoundCloud during the pandemic. This was the first track I started working on this track with my friend’s Moog Sub 37 (which was always a dream synth for me). I just tried to make different sounds with it and that’s how this track turned out.




Check out the full track up SoundCloud.

Kick and Bass

I used a sample for the Kick with some changes to the pitch and some processing. The bassline is a recorded take from the moog. Recorded a super long take, and then took it to the Arrangement View to chop it up make some edits to the groove. This is something I do pretty often when working with a synthesizer.  I’ve grouped the Kick and Bass and processed them together.


My drums are a combination of loops recorded from Repro and Arturia’s Minibrute, and Samples sequenced in MIDI using the Simpler. I prefer to use individual tracks for my drum samples and loops as opposed to using drum racks for the entire kit. This gives me more control over each drum sound. I sometimes use a drum rack with a bunch of different samples to create fills, and use effects on existing drum sounds to get some interesting fills and fx. Grouped and processed them together.

Synth Stuff – Bass Stabs and Melody

I started working on this track as soon as a friend got over his Moog Sub 37 to my studio, which was always a dream synth for me. I recorded some different types of sounds without really knowing much about it, trying out the different parameters. What you hear above is a combination of 3 different takes from the synth which I again edited in Arrangement to make more cohesive loops.

Pads & Atmos

I recorded the main pad, as well as a second pad sound using Repro-5 which I’ve been using for sometime, and really love the way it sounds. I also use Omnisphere a lot for textures and atmosphere’s and record them into audio and place them where I feel necessary. This is a common practice across most of my projects.

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