As we eagerly anticipate for things to settle down and get back to our usual fast-paced lives, here’s a quick guide on how to utilize this time to your advantage and strategize your comeback post lockdown! ⁣⁣⁣



1. Develop your Press Kit

A Press kit is a pre-packaged set of promotional materials that provide information about an artist.

This period is a great time to pen down or design an impactful Press Kit to make an impression when you share it with someone.


2. Invest in a good photoshoot

Set aside some money to invest in an artist portfolio photo-shoot as this will the image of you that will be portrayed for public consumption and organizers alike.

Reference other artists or themed photo-shoots on sites like Pinterest to make a mood board that you like.


3. Do your research

Try to be selective and focused on the venues and crowds you’d like to play to!

Read up about the organizers of those venues, find out ‘How? and Whom?’ to contact that would be able to guide you or give you your next opportunity at your favourite venue.


4. Record opening sets for consideration

Use this time to search for new music and curate a variety of ‘opening set’ mixes that have great transitions and eclectic track selection.

Send these into organizers with a nice e-mail and portray the value you may add to their production.


5. Showcase yourself on Livestream, Vlogs & Mixes

There are a lot of ways to put yourself out there in the public eye in 2020. Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and Twitch are popular Live streaming services that you can showcase your sets on.

Build an audience that would come to your gigs from this. Try to gain popularity by this and start monetizing your streamed content too!


6. Prepare your crates, organize your library

It’s a great time to be buying new music since most distribution sites now have a lot of discounted deals going on.

Just because you can, don’t hoard, try to see what’s lacking in your library and fill those gaps. Go through your music from time to time and either replace or phase out tracks that you don’t play anymore.


7. Be the best version of YOU.

Don’t let a single day go by where you haven’t practiced your skill or at least brushed up on a skill you were less proficient in.

This is a great period to stay indoors and practice as much as you possibly can. Try new techniques that you wouldn’t otherwise, remotely collaborate with artists and producers and even try having them teach you a new skill!



Do you have any tips for DJ’s that we haven’t covered? Let us know in the comments below.

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