1. Listen.  Don’t Flex!

A beginner would’ve approached you with the understanding that you have more knowledge than them! Don’t begin to talk shop and techniques right off the bat.

Pay attention to what they are saying and try to comprehend their grasp of the subject to be able to impart knowledge in a way palatable to the other individual’s understanding.


2. Method over Hacks

It’s probably taken you years to hone a certain skill which is probably a workaround to an otherwise tedious process, explaining that hack to an apprentice is going to deny them the learning of the fundamental or universal method of the same.

Remember that hack is mostly specific to YOUR workflow, not everyone’s, so don’t teach that as a regular practice.


3. Expand their listening

Share your insight into good records to begin one’s sonic journey of understanding different sounds and the concept of genres.

Don’t expect an apprentice to understand all of the music you share instantaneously, instead, guide him as he makes his/her own decisions and finds the kind of music that they like!


4. Reverse Psych Method

Every institution or person we’ve interacted with is always telling us what we SHOULD do!

For a refreshing change, try imparting what you SHOULD NOT be doing during the apprenticeship and after. Steering clear of all bad techniques, half-baked hacks, and poor discipline in Music is a need of the hour.


5. Pay Attention!

Teach your apprentice to be as vigilant and aware of every step of their learning.

This will help them be aware of their mistakes, but always allow them to correct it themselves, only guide if needed, never spoon-feed.

Easy information denies a person the learning curve and those little moments of getting things right when they didn’t believe in themselves.




Do you have any tips for DJ’s that we haven’t covered? Let us know in the comments below.

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