Dive into the virtual world of modular synthesis in this exemplary webinar by Ashwin Baburao (Audio Units) as he explores the art of using modular synthesis inside your computer to enhance your sound design process! If you like anything to do with synthesizers, sound design and geekery in general, you are sure to enjoy this webinar! This two-hour webinar will give you a clear insight into the world of eurorack gear, even if you don’t own any or plan to get into it.



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Making music with modular synths is a lot of fun, because at the core level, we are setting up rules and algorithms that dictate how things should behave while they also misbehave leading to very happy accidents often! 

Ashwin Baburao (Audio Units)


Duration: 2 Hours

Time: 1PM to 3PM IST


Click here to block your seat>>> : Limited Seats at INR 1,000 (€12) + GST



Frequently Asked Questions

How is the class going to be held?

The class is going to be held over Zoom (a video conferencing app). After registration, you will receive an email from us with the Zoom class ID & Password along with other important instructions. If you don’t see it, check your spam folder and if you have any issues, email students@beatworx.in.

How do I pay?

You can pay with either your debit card, credit card or UPI. Follow the link below and proceed to payment.

What software do I need?

You will need a copy of VCV Rack (Virtual Eurorack DAW) which is available for a free download on https://vcvrack.com/

I am a Beatworx Alumni, how do I avail my discount?

If you’re a Beatworx Alumni, you’re entitled to a FLAT ₹100 discount from the course fee. Contact us via Facebook / Instagram / Discord for the coupon code!

What if I have a few more questions?

Feel free to get in touch with us via our Facebook Page / Instagram Page / Email at students@beatworx.in.


Freebies from the Course

All students registering for the course will have access to the videos that can be downloaded and rewatched.


Click here to block your seat>>> : Limited Seats at INR 1,000 (€12) + GST



Founded by Ashwin and Ashrith(Audio Units) in 2012 who have been at the backdrop of the music scene for over a decade, our team here at Beatworx has grown organically, providing a platform for our fellow students as a closely-knit community bound together by an undying passion for music. The studio is the melting point of the music scene, curating workshops, sharing insights of their unique techniques from personal experiences and passing on their cumulated knowledge. A fine balance of experienced new age musicians, latest gear, a comprehensive curriculum, along with a established and highly reputed faculty have helped our students to do brilliantly for themselves, finding sustainable careers as Dj’s, Producers, mixing engineers, and sound designers.

We believe that everyone can and should make music, transcribing their creative vision into a polished piece of art. Our very existence is an on going composition, our vision to educate and inspire music enthusiasts of all levels.

We have qualified faculty with extensive experience who are consistently performing at events and festivals both within the country and abroad, with their invaluable experience and passion for propagating knowledge through our structured modules which incorporate state of the art gear; blogs covering interviews, production and mixing techniques, project downloads and video tutorials. Having the support of professional audio brands, students are provided with the latest gear and software to try and purchase at discounted prices.


Click here to block your seat>>> : Limited Seats at INR 1,000 (€12) + GST


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