PCloud functions as an online storage location for all of your files, allowing you to access them from anywhere, share them at any time, and stay on top of your work. PCloud is available as a desktop browser extension, a mobile application, and a download for Mac, Windows, and Linux processors. Give it a go here

pCloud isn’t your typical Cloud storage service provider; instead, it concentrates on a few key aspects. It’s one of the handful that can stream media from the cloud, albeit there are certain restrictions. The system is simple to use while yet providing sufficient protection for commercial users. Plans for the latter grow nearly infinitely, making it a storage service for users of all levels. Overall, it strikes a lot of high notes, addressing challenges that appear to be well-suited to today’s digital world. It’s a great option to many big-name brands who are a little shady when it comes to consumer privacy and security.


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PCloud offers all of the multitasking capabilities of any high-end brand. You receive all of the features that would otherwise be prohibitively expensive with other cloud storage providers. Let’s take a brief look at some of the coolest PCloud’s features:


Public Folder

It’s also possible to create a public folder. This may be used for a variety of things, including hosting static HTML web pages, establishing direct connections to files, and embedding photos instead of using image hosting services like Imgur. While this function isn’t available on a free account, when you sign up for the service, you get a seven-day trial.

Fair Share

If you’re looking to collaborate with other pCloud users, you might want to test out pCloud’s “fair share” option. When you share a folder, the receiver can add as much as they like to it without taking up any of their allocated storage space. The shared folder will only take up space on the account of the person who shared it in the first place. Unfortunately, pCloud does not integrate with Microsoft Office or Google Docs, therefore it does not make our list of the best cloud storage for collaboration.


pCloud integrates with a variety of popular services, including OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, and others. It never lets your memories go away by backing up all of your images from Facebook and Instagram.It also includes a plugin that allows you to back up your WordPress site to the pCloud server with a single click.I recently connected my Facebook and Instagram accounts to pCloud backup, and now all of the images I’ve published to both sites to date have been saved up in a well-organized folder.

Time Machine

For a certain amount of time, pCloud saves several copies of your files. This implies that if you made any modifications to a file by accident and now want to restore the prior version, simply click on restore previous versions and the selected old version will be restored. You may travel back in time using its rewind feature and see all of your files as they were a few days ago. There’s also a 360-day extended file history option that helps you keep track of every update made to your account.

Supports Online Media Streaming

The native support for media streaming in pCloud is perhaps the most intriguing feature. Google, for example, is one of the Cloud storage service providers that allows this. However, few people execute it with the ease that pCloud has. Your media files (video and audio) are uploaded and processed in the same way that other files are. pCloud includes native web-based applications that may be used to play them back. With options to modify broadcast quality, loudness, and more, the experience is comparable to that of Youtube. The video format is either 514p or 1528p, with the latter being significantly better than 2k. While it isn’t exactly 4k, it will suffice in an emergency.


pCloud Crypto, on the other hand, is one of the greatest features, since it allows you to encrypt certain of your files and folders from beginning to finish. In the “security” portion of our pCloud review, we’ll go over this in in depth. While we welcome the opportunity to better safeguard our information, the fact that we have to pay more is disheartening. pCloud Crypto is $4.99 per month additional, or roughly $3.99 per month if you pay up ahead. Business pCloud users, on the other hand, receive it for free. Some providers, as we’ve already indicated, provide client-side encryption for free, while others do not. pCloud Crypto is a middle-of-the-road solution that lets you pick which files you wish to safeguard more effectively. Because the server can’t read anything in your Crypto folder, you won’t be able to see previews or play music or videos from within pCloud.

Here’s a full review of how it works

pCloud Plans and Pricing


Plans come in three main categories; Individual, Family, and Business.

  • Individual plans come at $49.99/yr and $99.99/yr for 500GB and 2TB of storage, respectively. There are monthly plans available in this category, but those costs more overall at  $.499/mo and $9.99/mo. If you opt for the lifetime arrangement, the prices to consider are $175 and $350.
  • Family plans only seem to be available as a lifetime subscription for a flat rate of $500. For that price, you get shared storage of 2TB for up to five pax. There are no annual or monthly options even to consider.
  • Business plans are available in monthly or annual varieties. You need a minimum of 3 pax for business plans with prices starting at $29.97/mo or $287.64/yr. Each user gets 1TB of storage space.

The average cost is $9.99/user/month for monthly subscriptions or $7.99/user/mo for annual subscriptions. One thing to note is the rates are flat and don’t drop as user count increases. There is also a max cap of 99 users unless you contact their sales team directly. Unlike Individual and Family plans, pCloud business users get access to 180 days of trash history and access level management feature


Overall this is a great platform with very useful integrations, they constantly seem to be listening to their users and developing new features and squashing bugs. Most important of all it’s very good value for money, as producers we’re already investing a fair amount of our hard earned money into gear and software, so why not put down just a wee bit more to secure your work and collaborate with ease. Sign up for a free account here