After the first transitions were played in 2008 and the first steps in music production were taken in 2009, WICE developed an unprecedented love for sound, polyrhythm and frequency.

We invited him to showcase his signature style and workflow for creating intelligent and functional techno, exploring techniques used by masters of the craft, shown exclusively to you.

Date: 27 November 2022
Time: 6:30PM IST | 2:00PM CET
Platform: Ableton Live
Duration: 120 Mins
Price: ₹2,499 + GST (GST not applicable for international customers)

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What will one learn in this webinar?

WICE is very keen to show you the following topics.


  • Hardware? Software? Sampling? VST’s? – What Shall I Use?
  • Finding A Personal, Unique Idea That Derives From One’s Innerself
  • Breaking The Rules / Courage For The Gap
  • Forcing ‘Happy Accidents’
  • Keeping Oneself Interested In His/Her Own Music
  • Getting Rid Of Creative Blockades

How To Create An Infinite & Fat-Sounding Loop:

  • How To Use The Spectrum Right (Common Mistakes)
  • Layering & Doubling Tracks
  • Leaving Space For Every Element To Find It’s Individual Place
  • Tips On Using The Panorama Right
  • Processing Send-Reverbs/Delays That Fit The Spectrum
  • Suggestions On VSTs undermining The A/M

Turning An Initial Loop Into An Interesting, Reduced Arrangement:

  • Minimal Effort, Maximal Yield
  • Polyrhythms & Syncopes
  • Off-Gridding
  • Automation
  • How To Finish Every Single Track
  • Working Fast But Efficient
  • How To Finish Every Single Project By Turning The Issues Of Arrangement Into The Easiest Part Of Creating A Track

About WICE [DE]

After the first transitions were played in 2008 and the first steps in music production were taken in 2009, Wice developed an unprecedented love for sound, polyrhythms, and frequency. More and more it turned out – retrospectively – that this sonic relationship was the perfect means for Wice to subjectively channel his innermost, to introspectively surrender to sound and texture, and to work towards the eventual moment at which he could say: ‘Cool, now I finally have the technical means to externalize all that doesn’t want to be said, merely through frequencies.

Driven by the insight that there always will be more steps to climb, Wice had to acknowledge that this kind of music will accompany him for a lifetime. In 2017 he finally decided to start his own label ‘Steinlach’ with his good friend Ingo and Wice’s first solo record ‘Hedonism’ was released. Although achieving international success with this release had not been the intended goal, things, fortunately, turned out differently: Throughout 2017, the track ‘Just Kiddin” was played almost every weekend in well-known clubs and reputable festivals around the world.

With it, Wice even won a golden ‘Raving Spoon’ inthe category ‘The Perfect Tracks’. Further releases on Shlomi Aber’s ‘Be As One’, Darko Essers/Tripeo’s ‘Wolfskuil’, Deepa’, and Biri’s ‘Black Crow’ as well as on the in-house label Steinlach followed. The affiliated digital-only sublabel ‘Weisse Elster’ was launched in 2021 with the EP ‘Ape Layers’. WEL002 (‘Seragard’) followed in March 2022. CAT No.003 & 004 are already scheduled for this year’s late summer respectively winter.


His recent release on Weisse Elster

What’s included in this webinar?

  • Recorded video for unlimited re-watching
  • Live Q&A session

Frequently Asked Questions

How are the classes going to be held?

The classes are going to be held over Zoom (a video conferencing app). After registration, you will receive an email from us with the Zoom class ID & Password along with other important instructions. If you don’t see it, check your spam folder and if you have any issues, email us.

How do I pay?

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What software do I need?

The course is taught in Ableton Live but you’ll also learn technical information & production tricks that could be easily applied to any DAW.

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