Needles in a Haystack is a favourite section of ours, not only because we discover what influences our favourite artists, but also helps us in discovering music we may have never come across. 

Originating as DJ’s in 1994,  producers and performing artists, Valentín Corujo and Héctor Sandoval’s stable and lasting union make the unique legendary duo Exium. The work they do and goes far beyond a mere sporadic partnership, managing to keep up the rhythm, quality, and increasing recognition for decades. They have releases on a long list of labels such as Tsunami, Warm Up, Zet, Polegroup, Equator, Numb, Audio Assault, Planet Rhythm to name a few and support from artists like Dave Clarke, Surgeon, Laurent Garnier, Luke Slater, Aphex Twin and many more. They are regulars at clubs and festivals across Europe, United Kingdom and even Columbia, having played at legendary places like Tresor, Berghain and Awakenings. They also run Nheoma, a label for them to give expression to their style with total freedom and have worked with artists like Oscar Mulero, Christian Wünsch, Reeko, Fanon Flowers, and Radial to name a few. They also pursue solo projects with the aliases Kessell (Valentín Corujo and his label Granulart Recordings)  and Komatssu or Tensal (Héctor Sandoval). Their artistic zest has also led them towards the arena of visual arts, collaborating with the Fiumfoto collective, who together form Exfium – they give audiovisual concerts that combine experimental music, trip-hop, electro, electropop etc., and where the music is synchronized with several screens where images are shown. Thanks to this project they were awarded the prestigious Villa de Bilbao award, in the New Trends category.

It’s an absolute honour to have these legends select some tunes for us. It is definitely the most interesting list we have had so far.

Check out some of Exium’s stuff on SoundCloud if you haven’t already.


The track that is your dance floor weapon

Aphex Twin, Analord 11 – VBS.Redlof.B.

The main lead is like mixing disco music with classical music, impossible to sit still.

The track that grew onto you

A Homeboy, A Hippie & A Funki Dredd – Total Conufsion (Heavenly Mix)

Never get tired of this track even after 30 years.

The track you would love to play to show off your diversity

Squarepusher – Venus No. 17 (Acid Mix)

This track shows an amazing sound diversity and expert skills were deployed on this release, it’s on another level.

The track you love from a movie/video game

Hans Zimmer – Time

This Zimmer song for Nolan’s “Inception” is one of my favorites.

The track that reminds you of your childhood

Boards of Canada – Music Has The Right to Children

All Boards of Canada songs remind me of my childhood and the summer afternoons of the 80s, this album in particular is pure magic.

The track that is most simple yet beautiful

Aphex Twin – Aisatsana (102)

Afx is very important to us. He is the only artist in the world who can make you lose your mind with a hard, experimental track and then do this.

The track that you love to close your set with

LFO – Butterslut


A missile straight to the brain, always avant-garde even as the years go by.

The track that you wished you produced

Any of the tracks mentioned here.

The track that’s an all-time favourite classic

Kraftwerk – Trans-Europe Express

The Grandfathers of electronic music.

The track from your favourite album

Radiohead – Idioteque

“Kid A” is the masterpiece that changed popular music forever and “Idioteque” is the song that best reflects it.

The track that first introduced you to electronic music


I remember being in class listening to this track on repeat when acid exploded in 88, until then only Thrash Metal and Hip hop had caught our attention.

The track that defines techno

Underground Resistance – The Final Frontier

Any of the first UR releases, future


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