Renowned underground artist, Rummy Sharma, is providing another great opportunity for our students. Living in Bordeaux, France, he is involved with musical activities in 3iS, a film, and sound institute, and with releases on  Blu FinTronic MusicNeuhain Recordings and Kling Klong, he is now giving you 5 days to remix one of two tracks that will be released on well renowned international imprints!

Check out one of his recent sets below.


  • You will have to create a remix with the stems given to you by the record label.
  • You will have to research and study the label’s sound and create a suitable track.

Dates: 18th May – 22nd May

  • The challenge opens on 18th May at 930AM.
  • The students must submit the track to us by 22nd May at 6PM.
  • We will shortlist 2 students from the entries for the final jury.
  • The winning tracks will be released by the label.
  • The time zone observed will be CET.

Invited Schools

  • Point Blank – International
  • Beatworx Studio – Bangalore, India
  • ADAPT – New Delhi, India
  • 3iS – Bordeaux, France
  • 3iS – Paris, France


How does this work?

  • There will be a link with all the downloadable files, that will be sent to us by May 17th.
  • We will share the link with our students on 18th May at 9:30AM.
  • Participants can choose one of the two tracks that they would like to remix.
  • Students must submit their project to us by 22nd May 6PM


  • A student can remix one track from either label.
  • The submission should be with a private Soundcloud link only.
  • Their remix should have the following information clearly.
  1. Name of the Track
  2. Name of the original Artist
  3. Name of the Remixer
  4. Name of the School
  5. Name of the Label


Here’s a valuable video on how to start a Remix.

All the best!