The much-awaited update that Traktor DJs have been waiting for is finally here, with their Beta version which is available for download. Adding the new Smartlist feature is going to make browsing through your collection, while you DJ, a lot easier. Smartlists contain everything you’d expect smart playlists to, just as they would appear in other DJ software.Lets take a quick look at what this update has to offer.

Why smart playlists?

The big advantage of smart playlists is that you can have auto-updating lists of things like your most played tracks, tracks you haven’t played in the last year, tracks from a certain year, tracks within a BPM range in a certain key or set of keys, and as you add or remove songs from your library, the playlists respond accordingly.

This allows you to set up dynamic smart playlists which you can filter by any of the parameters you choose. You can add up to 8 conditions that a track has to match in order to be added automatically to your smart list

Smart Filters

Apart from just the Smartlists, Here are the official new features that the new update has to offer.

Features added
  • Smartlists
  • Smartlist Filter by Content-Type
  • Smartlist Is around Operator for BPM filterSmartlist Greater/Less than Equal Operator
  • Smartlist Starts/End with Operator
Issues Fixed
  • The reversed loop goes out of phase
  • BPM, Bitrate, Catalog number search broken
  • History Columns are all shown and when disabled, some the right side gets cut off.



Smartlist Filter by Content-Type


Smartlist Is around Operator for BPM filter


Smartlist Greater/Less than Equal Operator


Want the beta?

Anyone with a working Traktor Pro 3 installed on their computer can run this new public beta of Traktor Pro 3.4. All you have to do is download the installer from the NI forums. Once installed, version will automatically copy your collection to the new Traktor 3.4.0 user folder and replace your previous TRAKTOR PRO 3 installation.

You can always go back to your previous installation via /Applications/Native Instruments/Traktor Pro 3/Backup


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