Do you have an unorganised crate of music? Have you just downloaded a ton of songs but are too lazy to sort them out? Do the titles of your song look illegible like ‘ XYZ_-_NEW_TRACK_(x_y_z) ?
Well then we’ve found the one stop shop for all your renaming, editing, moving, converting, replacing or duplicating any sort of Audio Metadata, introducing Rekordcloud, The Swiss Army knife for DJs! Read about it’s highlight features and functions below.


Cleaning up and updating your library within minutes has never been easier, but this is only the beginning. What’s even great Made with constant feedback from industry DJs who care! Some of the highlight features are Music Discovery Charts, 10000+ group tag renaming, Suggesting similar track from various or selected playlists, Multi-platform track list/setlist export & share, an add-on Companion App allows you to do Vocal Splitting and Smart Health Checks for tracks in your library.



Track Discovery is a great tool that helps you find or sort music out from any existing Traktor, Rekordbox, Serato or Virtual DJ playlist or even expand your search from within any Spotify playlist available. All you got to do is select any playlist and rekordcloud will give you quite the list of tracks that are similar to the ones chosen. These tracks are checked before showing them to you so you’ll only see tracks that you don’t have yet! An added feature is you can preview tracks on the site to help you decide if the track is good for you.



Have you ever struggled to find that perfect song that goes with your favourite track, Rekordcloud can do that for you in a fraction of time! You can set filters and options to adjust the results so they work for your library, eg search by harmonic key, by color, by rating, by genre or even BPM Range. Pro Tip: If you have a habit of organising already, then this tool will work flawlessly as a result of a planned library. If you stay within a certain genre, you should use the ‘Genre Renamer’ under ‘Health Check’ to make sure your genres are uniform. This aids greatly in finding similar tracks in a specific genre much easier and your library will look a lot tidier too!



If you want to stay up to date and your’re looking at a quick and easy way to find out what’s popular & trending well this feature will show you the top 100 in the most popular genres on Apple Music. A really nice feature to this is that any track that you already have in your library is marked OWNED by Rekordcloud. Another cool feature is that popular tracks are marked NEW if they were added in the last 4 weeks making it easier for you to sift through.



Organising your music or replacing something specific out of a crate this big would be madness, but rekordcloud helps you bridge that gap by being able to edit over 10000+ tags at an instant! The Genre Renamer scans your entire library for every unique genre listed in each files metadata. Highlight the genres you wish to rename which are close enough but wrongly named or alternatively named and very quickly create order in your genres! It’s especially useful when you use the SIMILAR TRACK feature in Rekordcloud or if you just want a nice and tidy library.



An add-on to the Rekordcloud suite is the Companion App that is free-to-download and acts as an extension to the website since the features like Cue Point Generator, Vocal Splitter and Health checks would need permission to your local files and hence the fully-integrated app. This tool helps you upload and download your libraries quite effortlessly too!



One of the coolest yet extremely powerful tool in Rekordcloud is the VOCAL SPLITTER tool within the Companion App. This tool uses SPLEETER and can create instrumentals or split the vocals off a track to be used as an acapella! The tool will surprise you with its results, and its applications even more! The vocal splitter has an inbuilt sampler, meaning you can sample the vocal you’ve split and convert it into a One-shot sample to use later. You can decide to save either the Vocals or the Instrumental with any Cues, if any were set previously! NOTE: They can be saved in MP3 or WAV, although WAV files are not recommended because WAV does not support all tags. A feature that will see upgrades soon enough!



Rekordcloud uses state-of-the-art machine learning technology to detect which part of a track is the “drop” and “breakdown”, all you’ve got to do is direct Rekordcloud on what criteria of a track you are looking to create Cue points at. All Rekordcloud requires for this task is that your files are pre-analysed in Traktor, Rekordbox or Serato before importing to the app. This feature can be switched off if you don’t like it. It works amazingly well with most kinds of electronic genres, genres like Jazz, Blues, Swing, etc might have different structures and phrasing so it makes sense to keep it disabled here. You can create a Cue Point Generator template within the Companion App to create these tags faster. For example, you could say you want a cue point 64 beats before the drop. If rekordcloud detects a drop, a cue point will be added exactly 64 beats before it.



This tool is priced very affordably for a beginner and a professional alike. They have a monthly and a very affordable annual subscription model of $15/month billed monthly or $7.50/month billed annually! If you’re associated with Beatworx Studio, alumni, student or faculty akin, reach out to us at and claim a solid 20% Exclusive Discount Coupon on any subscription model. Recommended option would be the billed annually as it would be $6/month billed annually inclusive of the discount.



Do you have any tips for DJ’s that we haven’t covered? Let us know in the comments below.

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