Pioneer DJ just dropped mysterious industrial-type teaser featuring a brand new CDJ in the making! We’ve tried our best to decode this video and the updates that the new model might flaunt. 


The video begins with a mechanised plate pushing down against a CDJ platter that seems to be getting tested or calibrated. This is followed up by a scene of a machine pressing what looked like LED-lit sampler pads arranged in serial and another machine hitting the ‘CUE’ button, testing the durability of the buttons for all those heavy button-pushers. This already gives us room to speculate motorised platters, more tactile buttons and a whole new arrangement of buttons on the CDJ of the future.

Pioneer next teases us with a dark shot with hazily detectable under-platter lighting, quite likely to have some form of lighting to indicate playback of a track. The following shot gives me a hint that the new model might resemble a Denon DJ SC6000 player.

As suggested, a whole new button arrangement on the top-left side is flaunted through a very hazy and blurred frame of what resembles the Yellow Loop In/Out buttons, but it seems to have been reduced to 1 button although it features a smaller yellow button below and a rectangular white-lit button too! I’m going to guess this has got to do with maybe loop length or beat-jump features, but what’s interesting is the HOT CUE buttons are missing! If you look closely the red and blue lights at above – might be the new cue points?

These player seem to still have a slot for your USB stick, in addition, looks like it displaces wattage of 5V~1A in these slots probably enough to power your external HDD & SSD as well. It also features the classic plastic cover for the USB slot.

The mirrored image of the waveform display seems much more compact with the BPM meter featuring right below, implying me to think Pioneer might take the approach of bringing back the DDJ 1000’s in-platter circular display. The three-band coloured waveform suggests it still sticks of it predecessors.

This shot of the platter looks so stunning it’s hard to tell if it’s great lighting and camera motion or yet again suggesting this might be motorized platters like the Traktor S4 MK3 with Haptic Feedback.

It looks quite clear there’s a new design aspect added to the browser knob, cosmetically going for that metallic finished plastic knob with a backlight. But seems like there are some new additions around the browser knob, it’s too heavily distorted to make out.


Finishing up with a flash fade frame of what seems to be a vertical view of the player and again suggests the linear arrangement of coloured pads on this new CDJ.

CDJ 3000 or CDJ 2000 NXS3? What do you think Pioneer’s going to call this player? I’m not one for leaks but this image has been floating around the internet and I can’t help but share it with you all. Tell us in the comments what you think of the new range of Pioneer DJ range of player.


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