Lead In : A guide to understanding and discovering house music

Our latest segment 'Lead In: A House music guide'  intends to explore and describe the vibrant facets of both, the dominant and the upcoming sub-genres of electronic music as well as influential artists who have contributed to the evolution of that particular style. For the uninitiated,  the electronic music multiverse is a vast, exciting and

Information Exchange with Danny Howells

The modern-day electronic music industry is fast-paced with trends, genres, and styles sweeping in and out of fashion and favor every few years. To stay relevant and on the top of your game for extended periods of time is extremely tough considering the cut-throat competition that exists between DJs and artists for gigs around the world.

Needles in a Haystack with SNAD (Gandu Records)

We pick up where we left off from our previous edition featuring Sound Avtar as we continue to prod your favorite electronic music artists to wade through their music repositories to bring us tracks earmarked for situations that are just a bit unusual. This week, however, we delve into SNAD aka Shyam Anand’s record bag this

Pioneer announces DDJ-1000, 4 channel club style layout rekordbox controller

Pioneer DDJ-1000 Pioneer has just announced a brand new rekordbox controller, aptly named the DJJ-1000 it inherits the mixer and deck's from the NXS2 series. Featuring high-definition LCD screens on the jog wheels displaying BPM, waveform and more; a new track selection assistant called Related Tracks; 14 Beat FX; an improved Magvel-Fader; and 16 multi-coloured Performance

The 14 species of 21st century electronic music producers

Electronic music is certainly the most vaunted genre in the cross-hairs of both newbie and established music producers these days, as well as everyone else in-between. Here's our light-hearted listicle of the 14 ( that we could think of ) different types of electronic music composers who exist in the world today to make our

The Orbital : Selections from tastemakers at the Nrtya

This month our reconnaissance satellites engage aural afterburners and beam back otherworldly sounds from the vast expanse of the global electronic universe as we feature the crew from the crew from Terran space station Nrtya. The Bombay based artist agency and digital label has been consistently delivering top-shelf music that spans multiple genres via their