After the Ableton Live 10 upgrade introduced us to a string of new features like a new synthesizer (Wavetable), some new Audio Effects (Drum Buss, Echo), a brilliant new ‘Capture’ option, groups in groups and whole bunch of other cool stuff, Live users were waiting to see what the new updates would bring to the table . Ableton does have a history of adding new features to free updates (as we’ve seen with Live 9), and for anybody dithering about upgrading to Live 10, or maybe considering moving to Live from another DAW, this update contains yet more reasons to make the move. Ableton has definitely been listening to customer feature requests, because this update is loaded with things that we’ve been wanting for a long time.

In a nutshell, these are the new features of Ableton Live 10.1.

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User Wavetable Functionality of the Wavetable device

The new updates to Ableton’s Wavetable instrument lets you drag and drop any wav audio into the oscillator section of the wavetable. That can be a predetermined wavetable or any wave file audio that’s on your computer.  There are 2 different modes – when RAW is enabled, the user wavetable is divided into over a thousand samples which allows for more sonic artefacts and glitchy behaviour. Check out this video to see how to import your own wave audio files into Wavetable and even convert pictures into waveforms with a new Max For Live Device!

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Channel EQ

With the 10.1 update, Ableton has released a new flexible and simple equaliser called ‘Channel EQ’. You have sweepable mid-frequency control, the low and hi settings adapt their EQ curve when boosting or attenuating the audio signal, and it also has an 80Hz High Pass Filter.

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The new update comes with new ‘Delay’, which combined previous devices Simple Delay and Ping Pong Delay into one easy-to-use device. The Filter section allows you to filter the delayed signal. There are 4 different Delay Modes – including Ping Pong Delay. The Modulation section allows you to modulate the filter position and the delay time. The Delay time can also be synced to your project tempo and can be switched to a time-based mode which allows you to set the time in milliseconds. Left & Right delay lines can be linked or unlinked which lets you set different delay times for each channel. It also features a Freeze Button, when activated causes the delayed audio signal to endlessly cycle within the Delay device’s buffer. Check out Warp Academy’s in depth look at Ableton Live 10.1’s new Delay.

Source: Warp Academy – YouTube 

New Automation Features

Another amazing addition to the update is the ability to insert pre-defined automation shapes. The automation shapes can be skewed, compressed, and stretched by simply grabbing one of the handles when selecting the automation. You can also invert automation shapes simply by holding the alt / option button and then grabbing one of the automation handles. Automation areas with a large number of breakpoints, can be simplified, both while using the context menu or pencil tool.  You can also now add/edit precise breakpoint values within an automation envelope. Another added feature is that there are now separate Automation and Modulation buttons that allows you to view these envelopes respectively.

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New Keyboard Shortcuts

The new keyboard shortcuts in Live 10.1 let you move and manoeuvre through your project with ease and agility

H – in Arrangement View allows you to equally distribute the height of tracks across the screen height.

W – will let you fit the entire song into view

Both these shortcuts can be mapped to a MIDI controller

Z – will zoom into any selection made to fit in the available screen space

– will let you zoom out of your selection

– keys let you zoom in and out of your arrangement

Alt / Option – Hold to change track height

F – this temporarily shows you the Fade Handles and Clip Fades of Audio Clips

– selected track is solo’d in both Arrangement and Session View

– let’s you fold and unfold tracks in both Arrangement and Session View

Alt / Option + U – let’s you fold and unfold all tracks

Arrangement Overview for both Session View and Arrangement View are now resizable and Clip colours have been improved.

Check out how you can apply these shortcuts in the video below.

Source: Sonic Bloom – YouTube

Trackpad Interactions

All zoomable components, including devices, now support pinch to zoom when using a supported trackpad or touchscreen. Find out more about whether or not your trackpad or touchscreen is supported, here.

Source: cdmtv – YouTube

Freezing Trackstand

All tracks that contain a Sidechain can now be Frozen.

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VST Compatability

The use of VST3 plugins are a welcome addition to this update. Check out this video to get an overview of all the features that are newly added to Live 10.1

Source: Slynk – YouTube

CV Tools

You can now control your modular gear using CV Tools with the latest Abelton 10.1 update.

Source: Abelton – YouTube

Exporting Audio

When selecting Export Audio Options, you now have the possibility to export Send & Master Effects when selecting individual tracks for export.

Check out this handy video from Ableton, giving you a walkthrough on all the new features of Ableton Live 10.1.

Source: Ableton – YouTube

This is only Live 10’s first incremental update, anyone who is on Live 10 should already be excited at the prospect of new features surely on the road map after the significant upgrades afforded here. Meanwhile, for users reluctant to update to 10 yet for one reason or another, 10.1 should offer more than enough reason to convince anyone who can afford it to finally take the step forward.

Beyond these top-level features, there are a number of smaller changes and bug fixes, all of which you can find fully cataloged on the official change log.

To get the new update, current Ableton 10 users can enable auto-update in Live, or visit their account/downloads page on