This section seems to be the more popular one amongst artists, and it’s one of our favorites too. We had Folic State for our last edition showcasing a different range of music that he found apt for different situations. For this edition, we’re excited to bring you New Delhi based Producer & DJ – Jay Pei – a talented musician who has set the standard for quality and classy dance music for his generation. You may have already heard his music, either in his signature his all-original sets or in many other’s DJ sets. Jay’s music is melodic, cinematic & raw, to say the least, with releases on reputed labels like Qilla and Inward Records and many unreleased gems in the pipeline. Let’s find out the various sources of music that inspire and drive Jay Pei.

Check out a mix he did for Wild City some time ago!


The track that is your dance floor weapon

Aera – Moon Palace.



Absolute Beast! This track has a solid rhythm, sounds are raw and aggressive. I play this track a lot faster than it’s original speed and it works wonders.

The track that grew onto you

Muse – Knights of Cydonia.



Brilliant songwriting. This song is very cinematic, production is top notch especially in chorus. Vocal harmonies are too good. I love this song.

The track you would love to play to shows off your diversity

I Hate Models – Cyanure Dance.



I love distortion and aggressive nature of sound. This track is all about that. Energetic, mean and raw.

The track you wish you had never played

Heathered Pearls – Belleville Renderings Part I.



This track had no impact on the floor when I played it. I still think it’s a good track but may be not for the floor.

The track that you would play to your pet 

Joe Hisaishi – Summer.



If I had one I’d play this. Such a playful tune.

That track you love closing your sets with

Tron Legacy – End credits.



I love cinematic music a lot, recently I made an edit of this track. I think it’s a perfect track to end my set with.

The Track you want to be played at your funeral

Donal fagen – I. G. Y.



“This dream’s in sight


You’ve got to admit it


At this point in time that it’s clear


The future looks bright”

The Track that inspired you at a critical point in your life

Paolo Nutini – Iron Sky.



This song inspires me a lot, especially the sampled speech from the “The Great Dictator”

The Track you played that emptied the dance floor

Recondite – Serak.



This track has a very long breakdown. I was playing at a club in Mumbai and I dropped this one quite early in my set. It took only 2 minutes to empty the floor 😛

The track that you wished you produced

Jukka Rintamaki – Warsaw Theme.



Amazing melody, the sounds are ridiculously good. A perfect example of tension and release.

A track thats an all time classic to you

Koji Kondo – Mario.



Because it’s a classic x 100000000000

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