There seems to be nothing stopping the DJ Tech Moghuls at Pioneer this year! A brand new scratch style mixer, the DJM-S11 is here to succeed its predecessor the DJM-S9 which reined supreme through its fruitful 5 years of existence. To commemorate the same, Pioneer also released a special edition Gold DJM-S9. Keep reading to check out the latest offerings from the Pioneer warehouse!

The new Mixers feature seamless integration as always with Serato and Rekordbox – and has a huge number of improvements, the most crucial being the 4.3″ touchscreen with improved performance pads and a new layout.

Some of the key features and developments on the DJM-S11 are :

  • Customizable 4.3″ touchscreen
  • An expanded and in-depth effects section
  • Deck 3/4 Control Feature Allows DJs to Play Up To Four Decks At Once
  • All-new improved touch-sensitive performance pads.
  • Enhanced MAGVEL FADER PRO quality and build
  • Absolutely stunning sound
  • Integration to Serato DJ Pro, Serato DVS, and Rekordbox

Some additional features and noticeable features are depicted below.


The DJM-S11 sports a rather efficient layout as compared to the S9. All the feedback from scratch DJ’s over the years has been taken into consideration on this one. The touchscreen on the S11 is the first thing to grab your attention. It’s misleading in its appealing sense of simplicity while it actually houses a whole arsenal of options and preferences. While it only seems like it can control 2-decks, the DJM-S11 can control up to 4-decks at the same time by using the touchscreen to toggle between them.



The biggest, most crucial upgrade to the S9 is the position of the Color FX, directly under the 3-band EQ and adding a Trim feature, making it as familiar as the other Pioneer mixers like the DJM900 and 900NXS2. The MAGVEL FADER PRO has upgraded rigidity by 30% with more durable materials and coatings. A visibly large ‘Load’ button has also been added aiding you to load up your tracks much more easily.



The 16 LED-lit, touch-sensitive performance pads are quite eye-catching, and I must say, it lives up to the touch & feel of a premium performance pad. They are a little bigger than the ones on the S9 taking up more real estate but making it feel better to perform on. With Serato DJ Pro, use the Combo Pad mode and combine up to 4 different pad modes at once. The Scratch Bank can be used to call up assigned scratch samples by just tapping a pad.



TouchFX lets you combine two effects along an X/Y axis and trigger them on your tracks using your finger. A whole new range of 22 beefed-up effects have been added to DJM-S11 mixer, the ‘Ducking Echo’ and the ‘Smooth Echo’ are the latest additions to this long list. With Touch MIDI you can directly control functions in your DJ software without touching your laptop. A built-in USB hub allows the DJM-S11 to be connected to CDJs and the DDJ-XP2. The touchscreen also allows you the following options to switch between – Simple, Hot Cue, Mash-up, and Mixer mode.



The new DJM-S11 has made some functional changes and upgrades to the connectivity of the mixer with other players and controllers. A highly awaited USB connectivity feature has been added to allow you to extend your performance with additional controllers or even power a ‘Phase’ wireless DVS device effortlessly.

Get in touch with our Product Specialist or reach out to for more information on how you can purchase one of these bad boys. Here’s a little something Pioneer DJ did to commemorate their hugely successful DJM-S9, a limited-edition Gold DJM-S9, drool-worthy gear!



Do you have any features of the S11 that you would like to know better? Let us know in the comments below.

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