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Produce and Release : A Compendium of Respected Record Labels Scouting For Budding Talent

As you render your next masterpiece on your favourite DAW wondering what label will do justice to your hard work, it can be a daunting task finding a label that is supportive of your music and vision, sometimes more than the music writing process itself. We've complied a list of established labels that are open to demos from upcoming and veteran producers alike. A release on a quality label, for a producer/artist is much like an athlete going professional. Finding the right label for your sound is just as important as the creative process, it is after all where your sound will find a home.

Implications of Sampling Music From The Perspective of a Lawyer

The following article seeks to analyse the legality of sampling through a case law analysis, deciphering the various issues involved and the principles applied by the courts. Can classic works which are now in the public domain be sampled? If a contemporary producer were to take the works of Vivaldi, (western music composer who passed in the year of 1741) and merge them with his own drum programming, vocal chops, soft synth arpeggios and call the same his own work, would this be legal?