Patterning : Drum Machine for iOS

As beautiful as it is powerful, Patterning is a deep and flexible drum machine unlike any you’ve encountered before. With its elegant circular interface, Patterning transforms the iPad into a seriously inspiring tool for making beats. Create dynamic drum patterns with the swipe of a finger. Make evolving, poly-metric rhythms, four-on-the-floor dance party jams, or

EMPM Bangalore : Synthesizer Edition

EMPM is an open meet encouraging Artists, Producers, DJs and Sound Engineers of various skill levels (from beginners to professionals alike) to interact and share knowledge on various topic on music production. This is also a great platform to collaborate, connect and expose yourself to different artists and their unique experiences, thereby inspiring you in

11 Mistakes you can avoid as a new DJ/Producer

In today's thriving world of social media, whether you realise it or not, you may be constantly judged by the kind of stuff you put up online (or say offline to another peer). Here's a handy little list of things you can avoid saying/doing, we sincerely hope this helps you and clears any doubts you've